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Newfoundland stock nature photos, archival prints, imaging and design.

My passion is using the medium of photography to capture the raw beauty of nature in its most pure form.

The island of Newfoundland, a rocky outcrop amidst rolling seas was borne of the grinding amalgamation of three massive continental plates. Through geologic time the forces of ice, water and weather continue to transform this new land. A showcase of geologic diversity, from looming sea cliffs that witness the drama of pounding surf from a relentless ocean to mountain ranges heaved through millennia from great subterranean depths to bare the bones of the ancient earth. The island has some of the worlds best and oldest marine fossils ferried into the modern age aboard stone time capsules that encapsulate the mystery of ancient oceans. Our lakes and rivers are truly grand stretching through unspoiled wilderness, deep gorges and wide glacial valleys. These are some of the wondrous forms and features that define our landscape. I hope that these pictures will help to raise awareness of our more beautiful places, many seldom seen and far apart from the modern world they offer paths to adventure, freedom and independence and ultimately help to define us as a people.

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